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Due out in January, though much might be available online if you ask the author. I think that there are far too many 'Harun Yahya' books for 'Harun Yahya' to be simply a pen name for Adnan Oktar - rather 'Harun Yahya' is the flag of convenience behind the entire Turkish creationist movement None can measure a person's talent from their point of view.

Thank you I believe adnan oktar is the best known scientist and islamic scholar world has ever known. He has unveiled the conspiracies and filthy propagandas of western world. All you ultra-left, agnostic wikipedians can't do anything.

If you can refute him, go research and show it to the world and we'll see how good you are! For now spout off blasphemies and bite your nails. Taner Edis may have documented this in one of his articles on Turkish creationism.

The article, which calls him an anti-this, anti-that, and a Holocaust denier, is therefore completely biased. Also for the record, Harun Yahya is not a Holocaust denier: Konstable and Jeff are shooting their mouths off, and so are people like Darashala and Zahid.

Zahid, I personally agree with most of what you're saying, but please don't be so vociferous about it. State it calmly and neutrally. At the moment the article is written very much from the point of view of the subject; it needs to be edited into a more neutral style.

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A lot of the stuff that I deleted was his propaganda in any case, Mel, can you point to any part of the article which you thought was unfairly deleted? You need to justify your removal of text, especially such a large amount of text.

ps store update 12/29/15 nightly business report

You claim that you deleted propaganda, but you need to back up that claim. I also don't understand the wholesale removal of the bibliography nor the insistence on changing the headings to non-Wikipedia style. I mean i can put a lot of stuff there which says nothing, right?

For the biography, it is not essential info, it is also listed in his web page. Do you think it adds a lot to our knowledge of him?

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About the controversiality of the issue, do you have anybody around you that knows turkish? Look at other articles on writers, artists, musicians, composers, etc.

ps store update 12/29/15 nightly business report

As for newspaper reports, it's fine to say that a newspaper has made a claim, but not to repeat the claim as simple fact. As for the legal allegations on him, not even the sect memebers would deny, becuase they are common knowledge.

I do not know how to make them more solid; perphaps go to turkish courts and scan the the court documents and post them?

If I have time later I will try to do that, but for the momemnt i guess ill have to let you have your way and make this article a propaganda device for a controversial sect.

You need to a sign your posts b write in English in the English-language section of Wikipedia. There is a Turkish language section available.

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NBC Nightly News With Lester Holt Reports and analysis of the day's national and international newsworthy events. Real Estate Report. Mobile Home Center hopes to rent out space to tiny homeowners 2 weeks ago.

Business whiz giving back to Thomas College students 1 year ago. 1 year ago. More Dirigo Stories. Delaware County style structure and content writing 8th Avenue zip business beacon annual report download assessment E 87th Street zip , diy writing on shirts W 59th Street zip He has nightly broadcasts on Turkish television and radio, and has set up dozens of internet websites." because I know of no reason to doubt these statements - they are readily verified - and they provides a little bit of context for why the "Strategic Studies" report says the subject is influential and popular.

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