Michael jordan influence

Comments 0 As Michael Jordan turns 50, his influence is felt even among NBA players too young to remember watching him play in Chicago. Getty Images According to the National Vital Statistics Report, there werebirths in the United States in May ofand they officially represented the dawn of a generation too late to catch Michael Jordan.

Michael jordan influence

With so much money to be made in shoes, why not spread the wealth, right? That is exactly what some owners fear Jordan, as owner of the Charlotte Hornets, may try to do. There is concern that he could try to offer players below market contracts, but could supplement their income with a shoe deal in order to get them to sign.

As crazy as it sounds, the rule has been in place for some time: Only two players on the Hornets current roster have deals, Michael Kidd-Gilchrist and Cody Zeller, but Jordan has given shoe deals to six Hornets in the last seven years.

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Jordan is not the only one that it affects. His name stands above the rest because of the dominant share Nike and the Jordan Brand has of the basketball shoe market.

The rule applies to any owner with business interests outside of the NBA. The league does not want anyone promising endorsement deals under the table in order to lure players in to coming to town. How easy would it have been for Steve Ballmer to have made a wink-wink deal with Jordan to get him to stay in L.

Imagine the team Paul Allen could have in Portland if he promised side deals to get players to sign with the Trail Blazers.

Michael jordan influence

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10 ways Michael Jordan has influenced me

He currently lives in Indiana loves basketball, but hates going to the Indy with his wife and two adorable kids. Feel free to follow him on Twitter and check out his website FatManWriting. Did we make a mistake? Submit a correction suggestion and help us fix it!Michael Jordan changed the world by winning six national NBA championships with his team and by serving as an inspirational speaker.

In , he continues to remain active in the sport, despite retiring in In addition to his role as a record-setting basketball player, Michael Jordan. In this culture of sports aesthetics, one of the most difficult things to do is separate Tinker Hatfield from the shoes he has designed for the brand named after Michael Jordan.

It is much easier. Kobe Bryant really can't put into words how big of an impact Jordan had on his career. How Michael Jordan influenced me.

Michael jordan influence

10 ways Michael Jordan has influenced me. I found the following things to be key in his thinking and that have influenced me: Tagged michael jordan, michael jordan's influence.

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