Global household brands case essay

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Global household brands case essay

Fonterra co-operative group company. Prosperity, dairy and unleashing the giant: The farmers supply over 16 billion litres of milk annually. The company has a vertically integrated supply chain not only in the domestic market but also in foreign markets where they form partnerships with businesses.

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The company prioritizes the quality of its raw ingredients and products and in countries with less regulation of dairy products, Fonterra outsources some activities to increase flexibility and efficiency. Outbound logistics Fonterra distributes its broad range of consumer dairy products to retail market search as supermarkets, shops and food outlets and their most of their products are delivered from distribution centres and manufacturing sites to retail outlets by tracks.

They have integrated their freight forwarding and transportation, packaging and quality control to ensure their supply chain practices are effective. Together with Nestle, Fonterra opened an open dairy distribution centre in Brazil. Also, they have formed various partnerships with multinationals such as Dairy friends of America, Dairy America, Clovers, and Royal Friesland among others.

Operations Fonterra operates in more than countries around the world and gets over 75 percent of its milk from New Zealand. In foreign markets, Fonterra operates distribution brands and control their international operations from global offices.

Fonterra exports 95 percent of their products and accounts for over thirty percent of global dairy trade. Sales and Marketing Being a leading exporter and a top dairy company in the world, Fonterra enjoys a high brand awareness, which support its sales.

However, the company has a dedicated sales team and a centralized marketing team behind its brand positioning. The marketing team ensures consistency in messaging and communication tools and materials are customized to account for subtle variance in various markets.

Services Fonterra recognizes customer service as an area that can significantly impact on their top and bottom lines and therefore, they created a global customer service centre Auckland that offer consistent and excellent level of service.

The centre also links order fulfilment and sales activities and offer worldwide support with multilingual facilities. Fonterra also has online and telephone customer and encourage customers to provide feedback.


Support services Procurement services Fonterra gets the supply of their main raw ingredient from farmers in New Zealand which accounts for over 75 percent of their milk. Inthe company launched a milk sourcing subsidiary — Called Mymilk- to increase market share of milk pool. Their procurement function involves category management, strategic sourcing and vendor management that are supported by SAP systems to ensure there is procurement compliance; costs are low, and there is process efficiency.

They have pilot dairy farms in China to increase milk supply. Human resources Fonterra invests in its human resources through training and development programmes that enable employees to develop professional skills, move into new roles and acquire specialist training in dairy technology and products.

It has a strong global presence, with over sixty manufacturing facilities and most efficient milk dryers.

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The company corporate structure is organized around five business segments of its diversified portfolio that include value added ingredients, speciality ingredients, dairy ingredients, food services and consumer products. Their unique cooperative structure ensures every shareholder is a farmer.

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It is concentrating on inner human asset issues and additionally on tending to and tackling issues that impact administration programs in the long haul.Global Household Brands Case Essay.

Global Household Brands Case Executive Summary BMF consulting has evaluated the structure of Global Household Brands, in order to give recommendations for possible growth and stability for the future of the company.

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McKinsey Global Institute Our mission is to help leaders in multiple sectors develop a deeper understanding of the global economy. MEMO To: Mr. Stone, CEO, Global Household Brands From: Analyst, BMF Consulting Firm Executive Summary BMF consulting has evaluated the structure of Global Household Brands, in order to give recommendations for possible growth and stability for the future of the company.

Global household brands case essay

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