Dr gene scotts dissertation

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Dr gene scotts dissertation

Stewart The "Cursing Preacher"? The following YouTube video of Dr. Gene Scott ranting and raving is disgraceful. He repeatedly curses in God's name bleeped outand you can hear Mr. Scott openly admit to cursing in God's name.

He claims he is not cursing in God's name; but rather "defining" his message. Scott is a false prophet, who doesn't quote even one Scripture, and doesn't say anything of substance in his words. Here's the despicable video What I find most disturbing is that folks are actually clapping for him in the background.

Sad, but true, people will follow just about any false prophet nowadays. No man of God would deliberately curse in God's holy name from the pulpit.

Dr gene scotts dissertation

Scott speaks about the truth, but he is a fool. Wolves in Sheep's Clothing Dr. Gene Scott's ministry is still operated today by his last wife, Melissa Scott.

It's his way of ordering the faithful to send cash. Through the years, the collections have helped support Scott's lavish lifestyle--chauffeured limousines, Lear jet travel, a Pasadena mansion, 'round-the-clock bodyguard protection and scenic horse ranches in Kentucky and the San Gabriel Valley.

At first blush, w. Eugene Scott, as he spells his name, seems miscast as God's renegade salesman. The year-old preacher's son holds a Stanford Ph. But a closer look reveals a fascinatingly complex character: Scott has no formal education in theology, an enormous ego, eccentric personality and extraordinarily diverse interests.

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He is a world-renowned stamp collector, an equestrian, painter and hunter, and a saxophonist who pokes fun at "honkers" like President Clinton. He has been lampooned on "Saturday Night Live" by comic Robin Williams, profiled in the documentary "God's Angry Man" and feted by some of California's prominent personalities When the curtain begins to rise, congregation members leap to their feet and cheer wildly.

Before them appears their master, clad in a priest's collar, a teal-and-black windbreaker and gray slacks, seemingly unmoved by the adulation.

After several seconds of enthusiastic applause, a rock band belts out praise to Jesus as Scott sits impassively on a blue-cushioned stool until the singing ends. Among the tunes Scott occasionally orders up is "Kill a Pissant for Jesus. Scott on TV, speaking at The Cathedral.

She dazzled the audience with a bunch of Greek and Hebrew words, but never made any sense of what she was trying to say. I watched minutes of confusion. She kept talking about "power" and "Christ," but never mentioned the blood of Jesus. Apart from the sin-cleansing blood of Jesus, we would all be hopelessly condemned to Hellfire forever.

Scott also failed to mention "sin," or "Hell. Truthfully, I don't see how anyone could learn anything from watching Mrs. She talks quickly, moves from chalkboard to chalkboard, speaks a bunch of jibber-jabber, but makes no sense at all.

It's almost as if she's mocking the stupidity of the audience. As with many intellects, she leaves the common man far behind. Truthfully, I don't think she even understands what she's trying to say, but she knows just enough to deceive her listeners.

This is only my opinion of course. One thing is certain to me Melissa Scott is a Feminist False Prophet! As a tragic consequence, the church is spiraling further downward into apostasy.

False doctrine is epidemic in such churches.Watch Pastor Scott LIVE Pastor Scott broadcasts live every Sunday at 11am Pacific Time. You can also watch the live Festivals of Faith throughout the week. Dr gene scotts dissertation about religion essay conclusion, moonlit apples analysis essay.

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