Boiling and quick sip

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Boiling and quick sip

My aim is wine making is quality. The most expensive shop bought wine is expensive because of the labour involved, yet in home brewing the better kits tend to be easier. I use the best quality kits I can find and always make sure they have not added too many artificial ingredients.

With wine you need to know when to drink it. White wines age quite quickly whereas reds take longer. Country reds usually take even longer.

The problem with a few kit manufactures is that they are Boiling and quick sip obsessed with saying it can be drunk in x days that they forget to let us know when the wine will be at its best.

Wine drinkers have become a lot more sophisticated and so have the homebrew kits. Kits that have pure grape juice of a variety you know and love. Beaverdale is the choice for me. They have a large variety of kits which cover an impressive range of wines. They use the real grape juice from the actual region making this an ideal kit.

I choose Barolo grape variety, as this is a "yummy" wine. The woody wine kits have chips of oak which gives them an authentic hint of oak cask.

Paying a little extra for quality kits is worth it.


I like the Beaverdale kits from my local home brew shop. This means we are going to cut equipment costs to the minimum. The kit has all the sugar you need in it so there is no weighing of sugar. Clean the demijohn with Chem-pro oops that was optional.

So here is my alternative. Sterilizing a Glass demijohn with no chemicals. Wash out with plenty of warm not hot water. Note these jars are not designed for heat and will break is subjected to a sudden rise in heat.


Because I raise the temperature slowly and keep it low my jar have not shattered yet. I guess there is a risk here and no manufacturer would recommend this approach. Bacteria do not like dry heat so this method is especially effective. Now you have a sterile fermented and water tap water or water from a water filter 1 Add yeast to a cup of water at 40CC oops no thermometer well this is easy.

Add boiling water to just under the half full mark then top up with cold. Add yeast pack wait 5 minutes and stir 2 Add the grape juice from the kit to the demijohn.

Boiling and quick sip

The temperature of the final quantity should be 25C this is tricky without a thermometer. I added a cup full of boiling water carefully to the existing cold water.

How to Boil Chicken

This all depends on the temperature of your cold water. If you not sure just add cold water.

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As I am doing this in mid summer temperature control is not an issue. Yeast produce heat during fermentation. Wrap the jar in a couple of tea towels. This should help keep in the heat the yeast produces and they will regulate the temperature themselves.

The room temperature should not exceed 25C and should not be less than 16C Let it ferment, Bottle it. I am planning to have mine for the New Year Y2K wine it will of course be ready well before that but good wine appreciate a good maturing process.

The kit has clear instruction which are easy to follow. I have made it seem more complicated than it really is.

Update Having left the wine for as long as I can bear I have uncorked a bottle and as always the first glass goes to my wife, assuming I think it smells OK. My wife works in catering and is especially good a jugging wines. First she checks the nose and from this she felt it smelt like a good red but a little young.Readbag users suggest that is worth reading.

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Boiling and quick sip

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