An essay on naval discipline

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An essay on naval discipline

On the Love of Fame A Definition of Discipline, with the Modes by which the present System destroys it An Amended System—General Observations Naval Punishments and Rewards The better Education of Officers Convinced that it is necessary opinion should precede improvement, I dedicate to you, for your attentive perusal, the following pages.

Conjuring you to remember, that of all the blessings of freedom which you enjoy, not one has been granted to you, by any God-like goodness of men in the possession of power.

They have given them up to you from their necessities, or resigned them from their fears. The patriotism or disappointment of individuals has, through the medium of the press, influenced Edition: From you, therefore, and you only, from the gradual progress of your opinions displayed through your representatives, can sailors expect any redress, or can laws be enacted having, for their bases, confidence in you, by which you will be taught to think well of yourselves?

It is an old saying, the voice of the people is the voice of God—it is likely to be the voice of truth; where many men are employed thinking on the same subject, if it is within their reach, as all moral subjects are, and this is one, it is not probable all should err. It remains with you to decide on them.

If they are false or bad, if I have thought better of you than you deserve, you will for ever consign them to Edition: If they are true, or you think them good, I hope you will cherish them as the peculiar offspring of liberty of thought.

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That you and I may long enjoy this blessing, and the sailors participate in it, as the first step to their becoming rational beings, is the strenuous wish and ardent prayer of your admirer, THE AUTHOR.

In compliance with the general intention of prefaces, I shall give some account of my motives for appearing before the public, on so interesting and important a subject as the Discipline of the Naval Service.

At a very early age I went to sea, with my head full of stories of the valour, generosity, and chivalric spirit of sailors; I thought that at sea, I might have the boisterous elements to contend with, yet that I should always meet cordial assistance, and always be supported by the harmony of affection; much was I disappointed, at finding one universal system of terror; no obedience, but what was forced; no respect, but what was constrained.

But a little experience, a little reflection, and some little knowledge, taught me, Edition: That it was by the ideas acquired by the first operating on the last, either to restrain or augment them, that every diversity of human character was produced.

That as the first of these are derived from the manners and customs of our fathers, and from our national institutions; that as our ships were manned with Englishmen, there must be some causes either in our naval institutions or the sea itself, that occasioned the bad character of seamen so much the subject of complaint, and so different from the character of my countrymen.

To elucidate those causes, to eradicate the opinion that is entertained of the bad character of our seamen—thus to render coercion not necessary, and through making the naval service agreeable to the well-known feelings of our common nature, to do away the apparent necessity there exist for pressing, is the purport of the following essay.

To display to the public the abuses existing in the navy, has lately, to me, become an imperative duty:Read "An Essay on Naval Discipline" by Thomas Hodgskin with Rakuten Kobo.

Thomas Hodgskin was a member of the British Navy, and a socialist writer, critical of what he saw as the ills of capital.

Discipline essay

The United States Army is structured on several values and principles that it upholds, among these are military bearing, discipline and resp. Open Document. Below is an essay on "Naval Discipline" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

An Essay on Naval Discipline (Dodo Press) [Thomas Hodgskin] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Thomas Hodgskin () was an English socialist writer on political economy, critic of capitalism.

An essay on naval discipline

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An essay on naval discipline

From you, therefore, and you only, from the gradual progress of your Opinions dis played through your representatives, can sailors expect any redress, or can laws be enacted having, for their bases, confidence in you, by which you will be taught to think.

Discipline in the U.S. Navy