Academic writing in english a process-based approach pdf

Carter, Louisiana State University F. Uncertainties about future socioeconomic conditions as well as future climate changes can make it difficult to arrive at adaptation decisions now.

Academic writing in english a process-based approach pdf

Thus far, I must admit, I have kept the discussion relatively conventional. Anyone who has read my previous blogs may not think so, but compared to what I really believe, everything has taken place close to the middle ground. Time, I believe, to start turning diabetes upside down, give it a good shake, and see what it looks like from a completely different angle.

If not, here it is. To keep things as simple as possible, his view is that the key hormone that drives diabetes is glucagon, not insulin. In addition, we are looking at it the wrong way round.

He is, of course right. Now, stop, stand on your head… Ready, here we go. The critical requirement of human metabolism is to ensure that there is a high enough level of glucose to power the brain. Without sufficient glucose the brains shuts down and dies.

Not all the cell types in the brain need glucose and all brain cells can also metabolise ketone bodies, to an extent.

Ketone bodies are synthesized in the liver from fatty acids. However, the bottom line is this. Which means that it is absolutely critical that this does not ever occur.

In order to prevent this happening we have a hormone that keeps blood sugar from dropping this low.

academic writing in english a process-based approach pdf

It is called Glucagon. It is produced in alpha-cells in the pancreas right next to where insulin is produced.

How does it work? Here is a short, standard, explanation from diabetes. Glucagon plays an active role in allowing the body to regulate the utilisation of glucose and fats.

Glucagon is released in response to low blood glucose levels and to events whereby the body needs additional glucose, such as in response to vigorous exercise. When glucagon is released it can perform the following tasks: Stimulating the liver to break down glycogen to be released into the blood as glucose Activating gluconeogenesis, the conversion of amino acids into glucose Breaking down stored fat triglycerides into fatty acids for use as fuel by cell Of course, this statement from diabetes.

However, I would ask you to review ten of the words again, and think about them for a moment or two. Those ten words, innocent thought they may seem, have been driven by upside down thinking, and represent the exact point where things go wrong.

This not deliberate, indeed the concept is so familiar, so unquestioned, that you almost certainly have no idea what I am talking about. As it stands, we are given to believe that glucagon is the reactive hormone, only produced when blood sugar levels drop.

Insulin, on the other hand, is the key hormone, the controller of metabolism and blood sugar levels. Glucagon only activates to increase blood sugar after insulin or exercise has caused it to fall too far.

Which is why we have these ten words: Then try this alterative statement on, and see how it fits. If, however, the glucose levels rise too high, the body produces insulin to counteract the effects Glucagon.

This brings blood sugar back down. Looked at in another way, however, and I have just changed everything.

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Turning diabetes upside down | Dr. Malcolm Kendrick From the perspective of motivation in education In general, Bandura's social cognitive theory provides a view of human behavior and motivation in which the beliefs that people have about themselves are key elements in the exercise of control and personal agency and in which individuals are viewed both as products and as producers of their own environments and of their social systems. Effects of Self-Efficacy Beliefs see this page As did Dewey, Bandura considered self-reflection the most uniquely human capability, for, through this form of self-referent thought, people evaluate and alter their own thinking and behavior.
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Once you have changed your thinking around this way, it should come as absolutely no surprise to find the following. If you have a mouse, and you destroy its beta-cells insulin producing dells in the pancreas it will become diabetic, and die. However if you get rid of the glucagon producing cells as well, the animal will not have a high sugar level and will not be diabetic — despite having no insulin at all.

It will also appear to be completely healthy. Ergo, the body does not need insulin to keep blood sugar levels down. There are other mechanisms that the body can use. I am sure that having insulin help to optimize blood sugar control, but it is far from essential. Of course, this type of experiment has never been done in a human — for obvious reasons.Produced by the Evaluation Systems group of Pearson PECT-PT-FLD PreK–4 PRACTICE TEST Modules 1, 2, and 3.

The incremental learning derives its name from the incremental nature of the learning process.

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In incremental learning, all facets of knowledge receive a regular treatment, and there is a regular inflow of new knowledge that builds upon the past knowledge.

As you may already realize, academic writing is a product of many consid- erations: audience, purpose, organization, style, flow,and presentation (see Figure 1). Introduction. Very soon after dipping your toe in the waters of academic research, you will be struck by the realization that nearly everything that educational psychologists have to say about academic motivation (actually, about nearly everything) seems like little more than mere common sense.

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